Alexandra Maurice, Sales Representative

Alexandra is a highly driven and result oriented professional with a well rounded skill set arising from her education and years of experience working directly with families going through a transition. Alexandra was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario where from a very young age she worked within her family's Estate Closure & Downsizing business.  She developed an understanding of the unique approach required for every single client.  She quickly learned that really listening to her clients and understanding their needs come before contracts and lawn signs and is the key to delivering quality satisfying results.   Alexandra's niche is working with clients who were downsizing and looking to start a new phase of their lives.  In helping existing clients in their relocation searches, she soon started learning about the different sub-communities, lifestyles and services areas that exist within any given city.  And thus began Alexandra's passion for helping individuals, couples and families find their next (or first) home sweet home.  On the sales side, the bonus in selecting Alexandra as your representative is she generously shares all of her professional insights and her direct access to custom homes services focused on getting your house ready for the market and capable of bringing back the highest return on your investment. Ally is also a Pre-Service Firefighting Graduate which is in part why she excels at remaining calm under pressure and can confidently make good deadline decisions.


PureRealty Brokerage

PUREREALTY Brokerage is a premium boutique Real Estate Brokerage nestled in the heart of Westdale. With over 60 years of combined real estate experience, owners Amy Gallant, Broker of Record and Donna Bacher, Broker/Manager know that each and every real estate transaction is unique. They know full well that being successful in real estate doesn't mean breaking sales records, having bill board signs thru-out neighborhoods or slick radio campaigns; success is about the quality of the business a Realtor® does. After spending decades helping buyers and sellers in the local market and participating in thousands of transactions, Amy and Donna know that their long term success in the Hamilton Real Estate market has not only been based on a commitment to excellence and customer service, but to their indepth knowledge of the local real estate landscape as well.
Whether you're buying or selling real estate in the Hamilton area, you can depend on the PUREREALTY Brokerage Realtor® family to provide you with "best in class" service and knowledge. We work hard to make buying or selling real estate easy for you! 
"PUREREALTY Brokerage....where excellence meets Real Estate"