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Discover Tyandagta: Your Vibrant, Beautiful and Traditional Neighbourhood in Burlington, ON

The Tyandaga neighbourhood in Burlington, Ontario, is a vibrant, beautiful, and traditional community that offers several unique features. I’m definitely biased as I not only live here but I also grew up here! Us Tyandaga residents typically split the neighbourhood in half, Upper Tyandaga and Lower Tyandaga. Upper being north of the amazing 18-hole golf course, and Lower being south of it. Both offer a similar feel with similar residents. I lived in Upper Tyandaga for almost 20 years before my Husband and I found our forever home in Lower Tyandaga. Something you may notice if you live here is that Tyandaga attracts lots of entrepreneurs and self-employed residents.

Scenic Natural Beauty


Tyandaga is known for its stunning natural surroundings, including beautiful parks, woodlands, and the nearby Niagara Escarpment including Bruce Trail access. Residents enjoy picturesque views and numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. The 165-acre City View Park is filled with fun! Explore trail systems, the playground, pavilion, pond/wetlands, soccer fields, and incredible views of the city. Fun fact: the soccer fields at City View Park were used for training by the 16 countries who participated in the 2015 PamAm Games.

Golf Paradise


The Tyandaga Golf Course is a renowned 18-hole championship golf course that attracts golf enthusiasts from across the region. Living here means having easy access to a top-quality golf experience. 


Although Tyandaga does have any public schools in the immediate area, both public and catholic students get bussed in from all over Tyandaga. Families with children will appreciate the access to highly regarded schools in the area, providing quality education options for students of all ages.

Shopping and Dining


Tyandaga has some serious hidden gems! The Burlington Power Centre alone is a one-stop-shop Marshalls, Michaels, Sobeys, Williams Fresh Cafe, Demetres Dessert, Honest Restaurant, Shoeless Joes, and much more! Cross the service road and you’ll find even more at the Brant Power Centre. Best Buy, Dollarama, Carters, Stacked Pancakes, Petsmart, Milestones, and Cima. My hot tip: Check out Cakes Sweets & Treats on Kerns Road!

Golf Course
Active Lifestyle


The neighbourhood promotes an active lifestyle with numerous parks, trails, and recreational facilities. You will often see residents out for walks and runs (even in the rain), hiking, biking, and more. With facilities like LA Fitness, Tyandaga Golf Course, and The Combat Clinic, you’ll have plenty of options to stay active, indoors and out. 

Proximity to Lake Ontario


Burlington's shoreline along Lake Ontario is just a short drive away, offering access to beaches, waterfront parks, and water-based activities.

Easy Commute


The neighbourhood's strategic location provides easy access to major highways and public transportation, making it convenient for commuters working in nearby cities like Toronto and Hamilton.

Real Estate Variety


Tyandaga offers a diverse range of real estate options, from single-family homes to townhouse semis. This variety means there's something to suit different lifestyles and preferences.

Adult Students
Tyandaga Schools

Fern Hill Private School 

Local Restaurants


Bo Chin Chinese Food

Cakes Sweets & Treats




Eating Dumplings
Closing Thoughts

These interesting facts about Tyandaga in Burlington showcase its appeal as a desirable place to live, with a blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, educational excellence, and a strong sense of community, making it an attractive destination for prospective residents.

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